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Last updated: July 9th, 1999


Konnichiwa and irrashaimasu! Welcome to the Anime shrine everybody! Wether you're already a devoted otaku or you don't even know what anime and manga is, I'm sure you will find this place interesting. Those of you who's already been here before must have noticed that I've given my main page another new look. Well, I was really getting tired of that old one which loads slow and doesn't look neat enough, this time I've decided to go for a cleaner look, hope you all like it. If you have any comments or suggestions or death threats or complaints or whines or even compliments, feel free to drop me a note anytime at Now please enjoy!

Aug 21 - New look for my main page, and new Mp3 of the Month section too, how d'yall like it? Oh yeah, jus in case you didn't know, I'm on my exchanged year in NY, US right now so don't expect any major updates, though I won't ever ditch my page, I'll always keep an eye on it!
Jul 8 - A new fanart painting added to my Fanart gallery page 2, it's sump I drew for a friend, he really liked it...I hope. ^.^x
Jun - More Rurouni Kenshin fanarts added to my Fanart gallery, please go take a look! One of them(the painting of Tomoe) won a prize!

- Well since I've been so into Rurouni Kenshin lately I must make a Shrine for this wonderful anime soon, but the thing is I'm not really at home right now so it's kinda hard. But I think I'll prolly be able to make something during my exchange year here in New York, so just wait up and see!
- Another thing I've been meaning to do was to update all of my pages cuz not all of them match with each other and there are some that are really outdated, like my Links archive, I'll make a whole new one soon.

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