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I could not to look back, you'd gone away from me
I felt my heartaches, I was afraid of following you
When I was looking the shadows of the wall
(I) started running into the night to find the true in me
In the crowded street
You're standing all alone
The shadow of the days hide your heart
Your are bringing down the heart of the night
keeping everything off

As if something gonna force you
Now you're running into storm
Can't ou see I'm always on your mind
Tell me why you leave me alone

When I was gonna be losing you on my mind
found my heart in soil
I'm looking back the days
These are gonna break my heart
But I can't never hold back

All of you in my memory
is still shining in my heart
Now you're wearing the mysterious lights
It keeps me sticking into my heart

My heart has been gonna dye deep red with all of pain
There's no one to cure my pain only without you
How I try to shout, How I try to run
There's nothing I can do
The wall hiding my heart is never broken again
How I try to break

Cry in deep red...