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Dragons of Earth

Fuuma Monou is Kotori's big brother and Kamui's best friend from childhood. His father was a martial artist and held a shrine of some sort near their home. His mother died when he and Kotori were young giving birth to one of the sacred swords(only in the manga). He killed Kotori after he became a Dragon of Earth, in both the manga and the anime. Fuuma's fate is to become Kamui's twin/clone and to fight him. I don't know if he was controlled by evil spirits or his fate or whatever, but he became real mean and killed just about everyone he could, until Kamui at last killed him.

Hmm, what could I say about this Seishirou Sakurazuka guy here? Well, he's very powerful, always wears that black suit and sunglasses of his, and he died fighting with Subaru Sumeragi. Seishirou is a master of YinYang powers(dunno any other word for it), his true identity is the head of a murdering organisation, actually from what I know, he's the only member of the organisation(him alone is enough to kill anyone). This guy's kinda cool, I must say, too bad he died so early in the movie. I think he was in Tokyo Babylon(another manga by CLAMP which takes place in the same world as X) as well and he killed Subaru's sister and betrayed Subaru in some way, but I'm not sure.
Oh yeah, one things I'd like to make clear is that I don't consider the Dragons of Earth bad guys at all, they're merely fighting for what they believe in. The same with the Dragons of Sky. Only CLAMP seemed to have made the Dragons of Sky more 'likable' than the Dragons of Earth just to follow the traditional 'good guy, bad guy' thing. I don't quite approve of that, but who am i to complain, huh?^^

Yuto Kigai...well, since I'm not so familiar with the Dragons of Earth and this guy didn't seem to do anything much besides dying in the X movie, I can't say much about him. I remember him being inside their headquarters with Satsuki Yatohji and Kanoe all the time, then at the end he was killed by Fuuma, didn't even have the chance to defend himself since he was taken completely by surprise. This guy's pretty good-looking, has a sense of humor, and works as a some kinda clerk in the government. He's got something for Satsuki I think.

Satsuki Yatohji is the only female Dragon of Earth. You don't see much of her because she's hidden inside her supercomputer all the time. This girl's some kind of computer geek, she built herself that huge monster thing she call a computer system and connects herself with it with wires and these virtual reality looking headsets, gloves, and shoes. She can reach any information source on earth with those and she provides the Dragons of Earth with information they need. She could also attack people with the wires on her computer, but they don't get very far with Arashi's sword. Satsuki was electrified at the end inside her super-puter which caused a sorta short circuit by Fuuma.

Shougo Asagi is another one of those 'unlikable' Dragons of Earths. He's not good looking, his hair's weird, and he doesn't dress all that nice. He controls water, tried to put down Karen's firestorm, but they were both barbecued in it.

The name Nataku in Chinese mythology is the name of a God who has no soul. Nataku is a really handsome guy(actually he has no gender), and he's got that cute mark on his forehead. The bad part is that he isn't human, he's some kind of artificial being, made from laboratories. Therefore he has no feelings and he kills without thinking or feeling guilty. Nataku uses this long white band of silk or cloth as his weapon, they're super sharp, cuts through anything easily. He died together with Subaru Sumeragi, I think.

Kusanagi Shiyu is someone who didn't show up till later in the movie. He looks like any ordinary drunk you might dig up from a bar, but he's pretty strong and powerful. Independent however, he doesn't seem to associate with the other Dragons of Earth at all. He belongs to the army I believe, and he was killed by Fuuma, but Yuzuriha's ghost dog wripped one of his arms off.

Kanoe is Hinoto's younger sister. Being a dream-seer as well herself, she is on the Dragons of Earth side, or rather, she commands the Dragons of Earth. Kanoe's fully healthy, unlike her sister, and very attractive in that sexy dress of hers. Rather witch looking, don't you think? The reason why Kanoe is against her sister is maybe because she wanted to proove her abilities of dream-seeing or she just didn't want to follow her sister, she wanted to proove that she could do something on her own.