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    X is a great anime/manga by CLAMP, who also made many other good title, namely RG veda, Magic Knight Rayearth, etc. I read volumes 1-10 of the manga and have recently seen the motion picture X. I must say that X is far better than what i had expected/heard before. According to many reviews I've read on the internet, X is a somewhat failure, with the only good thing being it's artwork. They say the plot is totally twisted and far too confusing. But after seeing it myself, i think it's great. The artwork's brilliant, as CLAMP usually makes it, the storyline's twisted but unique and unpredictable, the movie production's wonderful, it really brings out the most exciting parts of the story, plus the music, performed by X-japan(one of my favorite J-pop bands) are fantastic as well. The movie ending song Forever Love was so sad, it perfectly fitted the end of the movie. Also the main theme(it wasn't in the movie so i wonder if it's the opening for the TV series), X, is super cool, really rock n rollish.
    There is one thing that i didn't find completely satistactory though, it's that the movie seems to be rushing the story a bit. The explaining of the plot took so long that i wondered if the movie was going to be super long. But then all of a sudden everybody's dead. But i suppose that's just a must-be for movies like these.
    In the manga, the first thing that caught my eye was the artwork, as usual, it's just fantastic! Every single cell is drawn with the outmost care and it seems that every single picture has been digitally processed carefully, leaving no sketchmarks what so ever, all the shadings are perfectly smooth. These mangas are just a pleasure to read.
    The movie generally takes the same storyline as the manga, as in, it wasn't altered all that much, as in many other motion picture productions, that's good. In the manga, of course, things are taken much slower and every detail is explained carefully so that the reader can fully understand the complicated plot. Unlike in the manga, where the meetings and gathering of every single one of the Dragons are described, in the movie, they just appear to 'be there'. Also, in the movie they skipped the part about Kotori and Fuuma's father and their dead mother, and the death of Kotori's different as well. But besides all that, both the movie and the manga are very worth seeing. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind a little blood n guts^^.
    Alright, i think you've had just enough of my babbling now, why not move on to the other sections of this little X Shrine.

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