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X Movie Guide

Kamui Shirou returns to Tokyo after 6 years away. His mom had recently died. She died in flame, giving birth to the sacred sword which hides inside Kamui(literally hides 'inside' him). She told him that dying for this was her fate, and his fate awaits him in Tokyo, but he must remember to protect the ones he love.
Kamui get's to Tokyo just in time to catch the fight between Subaru Sumeragi, a Dragon of Sky, and Seishirou Sakurazuka, a Dragon of Earth. They both died as the barrier

(barriers in X is a huge 3 dimentional boundary in which the fights between the Dragons are taken place in, everything within the barrier is temporarily suspended so that after the fight nothing will be destroyed, unless the person who made the barrier dies) they made disappeared and skyscrapers were destroyed.

In another part of Tokyo, princess Hinoto tells the other 5 Dragons of Sky that Kamui's here in Tokyo, the death of Seishiro Aoki is also reported. Hinoto tells the others to get to Kamui before the Dragons of Earth do.

Kamui meets Fuuma and Kotori Monou at the Monou family shrine. Before they could talk much, two Dragons of Earth appear and starts a fight with Kamui. Kamui, being far more powerful, showed no sign of defeat though he was facing two powerful enemies. Then the Dragons of Sky arrive, and more Dragons of Earth. While all the Dragons are engaged in combat, a shadow creeps up under Kotori and drags her inside before Fuuma could save her. However, Fuuma managed to get himself inside the black shadowy thing as well. Kamui was enraged by the disappearance of Kotori and Fuuma and almost started fighting the Dragons of Sky(who i think chased the Dragons of Earth away at that time). But Arashi Kishu, a more intelligent Dragon of Sky, persuaded him that it was the Dragons of Earth who took them and brought Kamui back to their headquarters to see Hinoto.

The dream-seer Hinoto took Kamui in a dream to see the future, where Tokyo and the Earth were destroyed by the Dragons of Earth, and Kotori was killed, by Fuuma(i think, or Kamui himself). She told him that only he could stop this from happening, if only he joined the Dragons of Sky, the earth could be saved(she didn't mention the fact that it's still Kotori's fate to die though). Kamui was confused, so he just left. He said that he didn't care about saving the Earth, all he wanted to do was to protect the ones he loved, that is, Kotori and Fuuma.

In the meanwhile, Kanoe, Hinoto's younger sister, a dream-seer for the Dragons of Earth, took Kotori from the shadows she created and put her to sleep in one of her deep dreams. Then, to her surprise, Fuuma followed there as well. Kanoe found Fuuma so similar to Kamui that she decided to make Fuuma Kamui's twin. She took him in a dream of the future, where Tokyo and the world were destroyed but rebuilt into a beautiful, peaceful, environmental place.

She said that the earth now is too contaminated by humans, the Dragons of Earth are trying to clean the world by rebuilting it, if Fuuma joins them, they could reach that goal. Fuuma was confused as well...
Then, the fights between the two races of Dragons really began. First Karen Kasumi and Seichiro Aoki set out to deal with Shogo Asagi and Nataku, and all four of them died. Then Kamui came to Hinoto's shrine again, to join the Dragons of Sky(sorry i forgot what changed his mind). Then Fuuma became a Dragon of Earth, because, as he told Kamui himself, his fate is to be the twin of Kamui, he is to fight Kamui no matter which side Kamui chooses to be. He is Kamui too, Kamui's clone. Then Fuuma came to Hinoto's shrine chasing Kotori, from her dream into reality. Kamui runs over to greet her, but Fuuma caught her before he could and pulled from her stomach a clone of Kamui's sacred sword. Kotori of course died in her blood and guts. But at least this is better than in the manga where she was cliced to pieces^^;. And also, in the manga, the second sword was born by Fuuma and Kotori's mother, who exploded to peices after the birth, like Kamui's mom(poor women!). Kamui was completely heartbroken and shocked of course(btw, the voice actor for Kamui, Tomokazu Seki, was good at normal times, but when he cries or shrieks, he sounds either like a women or a cat that just got stamped on, *no offense*^^;), but hopefully that lit up his fighting spirit.

Then Arashi Kishu and Sorata Arisugawa set out for the Dragons of Earth as well, leaving the youngest Yuzuriha Nekoi with Kamui, because they didn't want them to get hurt. Sorata killed Kusanagi Shiyu, i think, or at least beat him, but then he was killed by Fuuma while shielding Arashi. Later Arashi died under the sword of Fuuma as well when she's weeping over Sorata's dead body. For some reason, Fuuma started killing the Dragons of Earth as well, and he killed them easily since they never suspected that him, their supposed-to-be leader would kill them as well. Fuuma even dragged Kanoe over to Hinoto's shrine and killed her there. He said he didn't care about destroying nor saving the world, all he wanted was to fight and defeat Kamui, that's what he was born for, that's his fate. Kanoe finally found how wrongly she judged Fuuma's character. Before dying, the two sisters get back together again. It wasn't clear if Hinoto died as well though, but with her weak body she probably wouldn't last long.

When Fuuma seeked up Kamui, Yuzuriha saved him by taking Fuuma's blow and died herself, she didn't even get a chance to fall in love with anyone! Then, everybody's dead and the only people left are Fuuma and Kamui, just the way Fuuma wanted it. Also, there was only one last vital point left(the 7(or 6) vital points are 7 tall buildings in Tokyo, if they are all destroyed then Tokyo will be too, the others have been crushed by the previous fights, the only one left is the middle one now, at Tokyo Tower), so this final fight decided the fate of Tokyo, and the whole world.
The pair meet on top of Tokyo Tower, with wind blowing in their faces. Fuuma says something, then raises his sword and charges at Kamui. Kamui slowly produces his sacred sword for the very first time from his palm(Arashi does the same with her sword), then charges as well. When the two swords meet, Kamui's cut through Fuumas and sliced off his head on the way down. Then he threw down his sword, hugged Fuuma's head, and burst out crying (again this is not something you'd wanna hear). I think he shouted something like "No!" or "Why?!" or sump like that, but i don't have such a sharp memory, as you all probably noticed already^^;. Anyway, then, the movie ending song Forever Love by X-japan starts playing and the camera zooms out on the crying Kamui and Fuuma's dead head n body. Tokyo is saved, the earth is saved, everything's fine now except these dead warriors and the lonely one left. How sad!

It really was a sad ending, wasn't it? And the music made it even sadder. To think that Kamui vowed to protect the ones he loved, his mother, his lover Kotori, and Fuuma who's like a big brother to him, but their deaths were all caused by him! So what if he saved the world? He failed to save the ones he really wanted to. Everyone he knew was dead, what's the point of living on? I just can't bare to even imagine how the rest of Kamui's life would be, it's just too cruel.

Oki, that just about ended the movie as well as the story. As I said before I really enjoyed this movie and i definitely recommend it to anyone who don't mind a little blood n guts or such a sad ending. I know i jumped over a few arts and forgot a lot of things, i'm really sorry but i just got so much on my mind now, i'll do my best to find the missing info and add them up asap(don't count on it^^;). Well, I hope you enjoyed this movie review, if you have any comments feel free to tell me. Now why not check out the rest of my X-shrine if you haven't already done so.