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Dragons of Sky

Kamui Shirou is the main character of X. He is a 16 year old Japanese boy. He lived with his mother in Tokyo until he's 10, then they moved away. Kamui grew up with his best friends Fuuma and Kotori. When he was little, he promised to make Kotori his wife, and to protect her with all his life(so much for that promise, huh?). Kamui is very very handsome, as y'all can see already, and he's super cool. He's usually very calm and quiet, but I think he's got a short temper. Kamui's very powerful, probably the most powerful in the story, but he hardly used his powers, there's always somebody else doing the fighting for him. I think he's a but young and inexperienced though, it shows from his lack of ability to handle difficult situations. Kamui's a very unfortunate guy, all his life he wanted to protect the ones he loved, but he ended up causing them all to die. And at the end he's left alone with everyone he knew dead.

Sorata Arisugawa is many people's favorite, as I learned. He certainly is one of mine. Sorata's the kind of guy everybody loves, he's funny, nice, kind, powerful, and always carries a smile on his face. Sorata was trained by a famous prophet, who predicted that he would die because of a woman. Sorata is very informal and he likes to joke around, he claims to be in love with Arashi Kishu. And He really is, he says she's the most beautiful girl he's seen and calls her 'babe' all the time. He says it's his fate to die for a pretty woman, and he chose Arashi, and of course he did end up dying to protect her.

Arashi Kishu is another one of my admired characters. She's beautiful(i love the hair), cool, intelligent, leadership material, and an excellent kendo expert. She produces her sword from her palm when she needs it, just like Kamui. She seems to despise Sorata but actually she loves him too. Arashi is one of the more mature and serious Dragons of Sky. She never jokes, she always takes care of things responsibly, and is very considerate. I think she would make a great wife to Sorata(personal opinion of course).

Seiichirou Aoki is one of the older guys here. He's an editor in a publishing company and he has a wife and a daughter, whom he love more than anything. That's why he wants to protect Tokyo, he wants his family to live on. Seiichirou's powers of that of the winds. He can control them and make tornados n stuff. In person he is very warm and kind to everyone, he'd probably never hurt anyone unless it's really neccessary. Seiichirou died fighting with Shogo Asagi.

Karen Kasumi is another very pretty woman, and very attractive as well, since she always wears those sexy lingeries. Her mom commited suicide somehow because she couldn't stand her little daughter's fire powers, and Karen doesn't knwo who her father is. She chose to be a stripper cuz that's a profession which doesn't require any identification of herself. She is a nice woman, socialble and warm. She controls fire. Karen died together with Shougo Asagi.

Subaru Sumeragi is the only heir to the legendary Subaru clan of YinYang power holders. Subaru is from Tokyo Babylon(another CLAMP manga), where his sister was killed by Seishirou Sakurazuka who also betrayed him(or so I'm heard), that's why they're such big rivals. Subaru looks pretty young, and always wears that white robe. He's very powerful as well (runs in the family i should think), he died early fighting with Sakurazuka.

Yuzuriha Nekoi is the youngest of the Dragons of Sky, only 14 years old. Therefore she's always been left behind of fights, the others think she's too young to die, but she did so anyway. She died protecting Kamui from Fuuma. Her biggest wish was to fall in love with someone, but she never got the chance to. She has a pet ghost dog called Inuki, who's also her main weapon. The dog can only be seen by the Dragons or specially talented people, to the rest he's invisivle. Nekoi has had Inuki since she was little, and everybody thought she was weird for talking and playing with an invisible dog. Nekoi is a very lovely girl, cute and innocent.

Hinoto is dream-seer, or dream-reader. That is, she has dreams about the future, and she tells the future to people. I think they mentioned something about the politicians imprisoning her there and making her tell the future for them, but I'm not sure. Hinoto's blind, deaf and dumb, so she can't see, hear, nor speak, anything she wants to express is transmitted directly to another person's mind. Hinoto has a younger sister, Kanoe, who 'works' for the Dragons of Earth.

Kotori Monou is Fuuma's sister and Kamui's childhood friend and lover. She's a weak person and has a bad heart condition. She's very innocent and naive, i think, and i really don't see anything special with her. Kotori's fate is to die, no matter which Dragon Kamui chooses. That's sad, since Kamui loves her so much.