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    X Music

    In this page I have some songs from X the movie and TV series that I've collected. Along with a few other songs by the wonderful X-japan who performed the X soundtrack. The songs are in .mp3 format. You can get a great mp3 player, Winamp, from here. All of these songs are quite big in size, but they're well worth the wait. I also included some X-japan midis, you can use them as a sorta sample before eyou download the mp3s. Hope you'll enjoy.
    NOTE: all the mp3 songs and midi music are collected from various webpages, I take no credit for any of them. Please do NOT use them for commercial purposes.


    NOTE: All mp3s are linked from X the Ultimate mp3 page, visit the site for more x-japan mp3s!
    The server only allow 20 anonymous users at a time so you better avoid office hours.

    • Forever Love-X movie ending song, slow paced, excellent but a little sad. (8min44sec, 128kbps, 44khz, stereo, 7.99mb) Lyrics here
    • X-opening themeA very fast beat rock n roll song, super cool. (6min, 128kbps, 44khz, stereo, 5.5mb)
    • Endless Rain-an excellent song by X-japan, slow to medium paced, a bit sad but very nice to listen to. (6min36sec, 128kbps, 44khz, stereo, 6.04mb) Lyrics here
    • Say Anything-another great song from X-japan, slow to medium paced, also a tiny bit sad, but I just love listening to it. (8min37sec, 128kbps, 44khz, stereo, 7.9mb) Lyrics here
    • Kurenai-yet another X-japan song, this one stars off sad and slow, but turns rock n rollish all of a sudden, very cool. (5min50sec, 128kbps, 44khz, stereo, 5.35mb) Lyrics here